What is Considered Carpet Steam Cleaning?

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carpet cleaning and what is itSome people advertise carpet steam cleaning when in actual fact it’s what’s called ‘hot water extraction’. If we ‘steam cleaned’ carpets, we could damage some carpets and fiber’s causing some to shrink. Most won’t argue that carpet hot water extraction is the best method for carpet cleaning. The cleaning wand is attached via a pressure solution hose and vacuum hose which in turn injects and vacuums all at once. Think of it as cleaning with pressure, hot water, bio-degradable chemicals plus at the same time, removing it via a powerful vacuum.

Badly Neglected Carpets Could be a Risk to Your Health

Quite a few authorities are dead against the installing of carpets in public places and they are even pushing to pass a law to ban it. Regardless of whether the owner has a frequent carpet cleaning routine in place or not.

Medical experts are now opposing the installation of carpets in any public place when the carpets aren’t cleaned on a regular basis by expert carpet cleaners. Badly neglected carpets can cause health concerns so authorities in the health and medical sectors are advising against having carpets unless the building owners have a regular carpet cleaning schedule in place. Their main issue is the fact carpets are packed with bacteria (specifically in public places).

What’s the simplest way to clean carpets?

People use hot water extraction mainly because it doesn’t leave chemicals or residues that can induce allergic reactions remaining in the carpets such as carpet dry cleaning does. If carpets have chemicals left behind this could attract dirt from people’s shoes once they walk on the carpets again. By using the extraction method it removes all the dirt from the carpets. You must allow for a short period of time for the carpets to dry, however at least the carpets will be clean and free of residue and chemicals.

What’s the Damage?

Let’s say for example you had 3 bedrooms plus a hallway that needed cleaning, you would get a quote around $100-150. Now you have to take into consideration stain removal will be extra plus if the carpets are badly soiled. These prices would be roughly the same for dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Dry cleaning prices are generally always a little more because of the added benefit that you can walk on the carpets straight away.

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

If you think you can remove deep down dirt by hand using a fabric cleaning product from your local super market, I would think twice. This will only surface clean the upholstery while the hot water extraction method used by professional carpet and upholstery cleaners removes deep down dirt and soil leaving your couches, seats and any other upholstered furniture looking new again. By cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis you can keep your allergies at bay (especially respiratory problems) and also prolong the life of your furniture. Carpet cleaning companies use safe and generally eco-friendly products on furniture so it’s safe for you and your family.

Is It Harmful To Pets?

The chemicals to use around pets are called enzyme cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are non-toxic so completely safe to use if you have a pet. Enzyme is a protein which helps speed up the whole chemical reaction process when cleaning carpets. Enzymes work by attracting and attaching themselves to substrates to help break them down. There are different enzymes for different types of stains.

  • Protein based (breaks down protein based stains)
  • Amylase (breaks down starch based stains)
  • Lipolase (breaks down fat based stains)

Carpet Cleaning and End of Lease Cleaning

Check your agreement. If you agreed to steam cleaning the carpets upon vacating then you will need to get it done. If there is no such clause in the agreement then you just have to leave them in decent condition taking into account fair wear and tear. If the property was flooded due to a leak in the roof then you don’t need to pay for the cost of carpet cleaning. However, if you flooded the place because of your washing machine then you would need to pay for carpet cleaning.

Also if the landlord is going to have the carpets replaced, or they were going to bulldoze the place, then you don’t need to clean the carpets. You must get that in writing (from the landlord) though as this is of no benefit to the owner having the carpets cleaned. If anything it will be the annoying agent just making life hard for you as they do.

Should I Schedule to Have My Carpets Cleaned Every 6 Months?

If it was just two adults living at the premises and they didn’t own any pets or they didn’t smoke you could possibly get away with having the carpets steamed cleaned every 12 months. However, if you were a smoker or you had kids or pets you may want to look at getting your carpets cleaned every 4-6 months. It really depends on how old the kids are, if you smoke inside and if you have pets inside plus a whole lot of other variables.

What to Look for When Searching for a Professional Carpet Cleaner

You may already know, professionals in any field can be worth their weight in gold. It’s much like if you were hoping to get a quote to fix your motor vehicle. Clearly it can only be evaluated in person by the mechanic and the same goes for professional carpet cleaner. The professional would want to assess the carpet and demonstrate what you get for your money. (Product or service benefits). Or else you run the risk of employing a ‘splash and dash’ cowboy which can cause you more problems in the long term.


A number of points to not forget are:

  • do you need steam cleaning or dry cleaning?
  • Will carpet cleaning benefit your allergies
  • How often should you clean your carpets
  • Check out reviews and testimonials on other websites about the potential company your going to hire
  • Steer away from cowboys talking about price

Hopefully the points mentioned above give you more insight into what carpet cleaning is all about and how to find a good carpet cleaner in future. Good luck!

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