Putting Together an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

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Trying to get everything done before you move can cause stress even for the most organised people. You can calm your nerves down by creating an end of lease cleaning checklist before you move out. Putting together a checklist helps you  decide what you’ll need to do or if you want to hire professional cleaning services as the work load is too much.

Professional cleaning companies know what to look for but may need a copy of a checklist in order to cover everything that your looking for. Some real estate companies are very particular on what needs to be done so its a good idea to check with them first.


Kitchen Area

A thorough end of lease cleaning should include all areas in the kitchen. Employees at cleaning companies know to clean everything from the inside of your oven to the top of your refrigerator. Check that your stove top, sink, exhaust fan and windows are all taken care of before you move out of your current residence.

Bathroom Checklist

Verify that your end of lease cleaning company went over all the areas in your bathroom. Locations to look out for include mopped floors, scrubbed tiles, clean windows, removal of spider webs and other sticky substances such as toothpaste and build up in the shower recess. Check shower curtains and make sure that mirrors are free of streaks. Other important places to investigate are the ins and outs of the toilet along with your bath or shower drain.

Bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room Areas

Go over the fans, walls and floors in your bedrooms, living room and dining room. Especially look to areas where your family eats or drinks because spills are sometimes hard to catch depending on how well-lit the area’s are. Check to see that the carpet cleaning company or other end of lease cleaning specialist took care of these important locations as well. Make sure they wipe down any areas where streaks are present throughout your apartment.

Securing the services of an end of lease cleaning company gives you the chance to focus on the other important aspects that are a part of re-locating. Professional cleaning services can make your life easier as you progress through this exciting but stressful part of your life. If you’re in Melbourne, visit our website www.vandaclean.com.au for more info.

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