Landlords Bad Tenants

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McGuigan is spending every minute trying to restore his property.

“I’ve had dirty nappies, clothes, furniture, food – that was one truckload from inside the house. And then I’ve got three truckloads of dog shit, nappies, fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners from the back. They also threw all their old food in the recycling bin. It’s a big mess,” McGuigan said.

“They’re just pigs living like this. There was food on the walls, there was food on the floor, there’s mould on the windows.”

His tenants were repeatedly late with their rent, and so he asked them to leave.

“The rent finally caught up with them and I had a look in the backyard, and said ‘that’s it’. I changed the door locks, gave them four days to get out, and they were gone.”

And when they did, they left all that mess for McGuigan to find.

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The renting de facto couple and their children made an utter mess of his investment property.

All up it will cost McGuigan close to $5000 to fix.

“There are mouldy windows, dog hair, a rabbit cage, ladders, old furniture – I had to pressure clean everything to get it back to normal,” he said.

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McGuigan had been renting out the property privately, after ending his association with what he claims was a ‘lazy’ real estate agent.

“The real estate agents weren’t really doing anything. They weren’t notifying me of any damage, they weren’t inspecting, they weren’t checking anything,” he said.

McGuigan hopes to have the place painted and cleaned up ready to rent in two weeks.

“What worries me is where they’ve gone to next, and who else’s house are they wrecking now?”

Tim Heavyside from Fletchers Real Estate accepts that not all real estate agents are the same, but stresses that it is the best way to watch your back.

“Engage a professional estate agent. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for a fall,” he advised.

“Estate agents have lots of things at their disposal, such as a national database where they can sift through really bad eggs – like this one.”

McGuigan says when he rents out his property again he’ll look for a hard-working real estate agent, and demand several references.
It’s a lesson for all investment property owners.

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