Duct Cleaning

Ducts can be a major health hazard to you, your family and your employees if not cleaned on a regular basis. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, debris, pollen and lint build up making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other nasties.

Build up can also reduce the performance and eventually damage your duct systems. As much as 50 percent of allergies are either caused or aggravated by indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning can help eliminate the causes of allergies, including house mould.

Some house fires have been caused by air ducts accumulating build up over time. A build up of lint and dust can restrict airflow through the return air duct and around the heating fan unit. Lint is highly combustible, and when a duct system can’t expel hot air, fire is the result. This is largely to blame as a result of dust and lint in the air grill and inside duct work.

The Solution:

By having the air ducts cleaned on a regular basis and taking advantage of our air duct cleaning service you improve air quality and promote a healthier environment for your family, your employees and you.

• Breath fresher, cleaner air.
• Reduce airborne viruses and diseases.
• Less dusting needed.
• Drastically reduces dust mites.
• Helps allergy, and asthmatic sufferers.
• Save money on your utility bills.

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