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Carpet cleaners Middle ParkWe operate throughout all of Melbourne and are also 100% insured and trained to handle just about any carpet cleaning scenario.

Carpet cleaning is our passion and after dealing with Vanda Cleaning Services you will not only see results but in addition enjoy our customer service.
We’ve been servicing households and businesses around Middle Park building our business on the feedback of our customers and clients.

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Some Important Truths Why Carpet Cleaning is Very Important

It’s a well-known proven fact that steam destroys parasites plus it’s an eco-friendly way to clean. Steam in fact sanitizes and deodorisers while loosening dirt and debris making it simple for the carpet cleaning machines to remove the most challenging soil from your carpets.

Odours that needs removing?

You might have strong odours in the house that need eradicating. Don’t worry. Having your home steamed cleaned removes all kinds of odours such as pet odour. Best part is, all our steam cleaning services are pet friendly. So don’t be concerned about pet odour, we can remove that odour after a good steam clean and deoderise of the carpets. Using our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is a great way to keep everyone in your home healthier by eliminating the allergens in your bedding, pillows and upholstered furnishings

By choosing Vanda Cleaning Services carpet cleaning services – Middle Park you get years of experience and know-how guaranteeing results that speak for them self. All our staff are rigorously trained to the industry standards making sure you’re satisfied when using any of our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Keep Your Allergies at Bay!

Dust mites in Middle ParkResearch indicates that your carpets have around 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s around 4000 times worse than your toilet seat! Rugs are even worse. Thousands of different types of germs and bacteria live down there. The bacteria eat our dead skin cells which the average person sheds 1.5 million every hour. Our dead skin cells drop on carpets and rugs which in turn feeds the bacteria.
On top of all that you have pet dander, pollen and bits of food which drop onto your carpets and rugs. It’s like and all you can eat smorgasbord for the bacteria. Studies have shown that E. coli, staph and salmonella not to mention all the other types of bacteria have been found deep down in the carpets which sometimes come to the surface after being disrupted.
The only way to combat this problem is by having your carpets steam cleaned regularly which penetrates deep down removing and killing the nasty’s

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