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carpet cleaners BalaclavaVanda Cleaning Services professional carpet cleaning services in Balaclava and Melbourne are renowned for top quality service and huge discounts.

Carpet cleaning is our passion and after going through Vanda Cleaning Services you won’t just see results but in addition love our customer support. We’ve developed our business on the feedback and solid referrals from customers all over Melbourne. Seeking no less 110% customer satisfaction.

What do you get?

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Crucial Information and Facts Why Carpet Cleaning is Essential

Getting your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis gets rid of the good old dust mite which is the second biggest cause of allergy reactions behind pollen inside your home. You can eliminate early allergies (which can lead to asthma down the track) by having your carpets, mattresses and upholstery steam cleaned on a regular basis.

Can Steam Cleaning Eliminate Bad Smells?

Carpets that have been wet or heavily soiled from your good old pets can omit some bad odours if you don’t have the carpet cleaned regularly. To remove the smell, Vanda Cleaning Services offer a pet enzyme and deoderiser which can eliminate the smell of pets out of the carpets.

We use the safest chemicals and best methods so you can rest assure; you, your family and your pets are in good hands. You can enjoy having clean carpet’s for many years to come.

What Lies Beneath

If you’re prone to allergies then having your carpet steam cleaned every 6 months is highly recommended. Some allergies can be triggered by pollutants, bacteria and pathogens lurking in your carpets. By using our carpet steam cleaning services you can kill these allergy causing problems at bay.

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