Clean Carpets on Moving Day

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carpet cleaning end of leaseWhichever way you look at it, having clean carpets is a big plus. When people walk into your home and they see beautiful clean carpets today automatically associate you as being a clean person however, if they walk in and see dirty carpets with stains everywhere they will presume that you don’t really take care of your home.

This is always the case when it comes to properties being sold. Real estate agents will always try and advise the tenant or the owner to try and clean up the property which can help make the sale go a lot more smoother and also the return.


This is why the agent will require the tenant to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned prior to moving out. They do this purely to keep the property in good order and also to help re-rent the property quicker. Do you think a prospective tenant will want to move into a home which has dirty carpets? Another thing is you need to take into consideration if you’re a homeowner looking to sell most people will look at the cleanliness of the property when they come to inspect the property.

If the home doesn’t look well all present well generally they move on. This can be a real hindrance when it comes time to selling a home as some people can’t look past the dirtiness and see potential. It’s always best to try and clean everything prior to selling. Carpets are no exception. By investing in a couple hundred dollars to have your home professionally carpet cleaned, you can definitely help with the sale of your home.

If you’re an investor and have the investment property and you’ve just had tenants move out and you’re not too happy with how the carpets look hire a professional to clean them. This will help in renting out the property and also will set the bar quite high for the new tenants. If the new tenant sees that the carpets are clean, they will remember that and they will get them cleaned when they move out.

I have a constant conversation with tenants about this very topic. They will either say that the property was clean or the property was dirty when they moved in, and that’s how we’re going to leave it. This is why first impressions count.


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