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be careful when booking bond cleaningSo I thought I’d do a quick post to warn people about dodgy bond cleaning companies in Melbourne. A customer that booked a move out clean this afternoon was a little rattled on the phone. I asked her what had happened and she said that she almost got ripped off with a bond cleaning company that she had been e-mailing back and forth.

She was ready to provide credit card details (via e-mail) and she thought she do a quick confirmation call to the company. It turns out the company’s phone number wasn’t the real phone number at all and it was a funeral home. She then proceeded to make a formal complaint to the better business bureau.

Once hearing this I asked her what the company name was and she said it was bond cleaning I know there is quite a few companies out there that operate 2 to 5 websites under the one umbrella which is already a dodgy way to run a business, let alone build a brand.

So if you’re a new customer and you’re looking to book a move out clean or bond clean please be very wary of bond cleaners  It seems they’re particularly targeting people who are ready to give credit card details via e-mail. Always pick up the phone and talk to someone when making a booking.

The customer was relieved to actually speak to someone at our company which gave her reassurance that she was dealing with professionals and not a scam company. Most bond cleans range from $200-500 so you could stand to lose quite a bit of money if you don’t do your homework.

If the company you’re going to be booking with hasn’t got an online presence; such as customer reviews, local listings (on relevant and local business directories) or doesn’t have any social media profile whatsoever, I would be very wary and definitely avoid them. Professional businesses and companies have all of the above listed online and do their best to try and inform new customers just how good they really are.

If you’re looking for a REAL Quote from a REAL Business, shoot us an email here and one of our friendly staff will follow up with a REAL phone call!

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